November 09 – November 15                                                   

Sat.   4:30 p.m.  Angelina & Arnold Brown                              

Sun.  7:30 a.m.  People of the Parish                                                

Sun.10:00 a.m.  Charles, Mae & Jesse Burrows                      

Wed. 8:00 a.m.  Joseph Tan Nguyen                                         

Thur. 8:00 a.m.  Tomaso Cay Tran                                            

Fri.    8:00 a.m.   Richard Stuart                                                 


Ministry Schedule

16 November 4:30 p.m.

Lector: Liz Gallier

Eucharistic Ministers: Liz Gallier & Kaye Leon

Altar Servers:  Emma Shauberger

17 November 7:30 a.m.

Lector: Tony Mireles

Eucharistic Ministers: Lucy Lockard & Bea Talcott

Altar Servers: Carolina Ramos & Myah Venable

17 November 10:00 a.m.

Lector: Bonnie Trahan

Eucharistic Ministers: Bonnie Trahan & Diana McCullough

Altar Servers: Hannah McCullough & Jazmin Crespo

Money Counters: Karen Halsell & Rachal Jordan

Please pray for those who are sick: Elliott Bounds, Glenda Brunson, Darby Doguet, Irene Doucette, Emma Edwards, Junius Edwards, Gerald Fontenot, Yvonne Godeaux, Pam Gorden, Woodrow Guidry,

Yvonne Guidry, Carolyn Hardy, Barbara Hawkins, J.C. Kibodeaux, Ashley Leger, Mary McCown, Becky Myers, Beth Phelps, Kobi Richard, Brenda Smith, Ronald Thibodeaux & Hazel Trahan.



Birthdays this week:  Ronnie Benoit, Janice Blanchard, Claire Bridges, Noah Browder, Elizabeth Castillo, James Derrick, Liz Gallier, Vicki Lemke, Charlotte Lowe, Beth Phelps & Sophie Robinson.  Happy Birthday and May God Bless You!


There will be a Parish Council meeting on Tuesday November 12th at 6:00 p.m. in the Parish Hall.


Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time
What happens after we die? Most religions and philosophies provide some notion of this, but we are confounded by the mystery of it all. Today’s readings give us a glimpse through the faith of martyrs and in the words of Jesus. In the Old Testament reading, the Maccabee brothers assert with total confidence that the God who gave them life would also raise them to eternal life. This was not universally accepted in ancient Israel. The Sadducees, who denied any resurrection of the dead, try to trap Jesus with a hypothetical riddle. Jesus, known for turning such things around, dismisses their unbelief, noting that even Moses knew that all are alive in God. Saint Paul tells the Thessalonians that we live in everlasting encouragement and hope, and Psalm 17 echoes this with words of faith that we will see God’s face, waking in God’s loving presence.

In November, with All Hallows at the beginning of the month, our thoughts and prayers turn to those saints and souls who have gone before us. Gone where, though? Truth is, we don’t know. Scripture makes many statements about life after death, but all notions of the afterlife require faith and hope. Today’s Gospel from Luke has Jesus speaking comforting words about life after death--the righteous becoming children of God, like angels. The hero-martyrs of our Old Testament reading about the Maccabees provide early examples of faith in the resurrection of the dead. They hold steadfast in their faith, being willing to die rather than violate their God’s law. Their frighteningly brutal story of hope might seem foolish to some, but we are all well aware of modern-day examples of men and women who have suffered rather than betray their beliefs.

In the days of Jesus, belief in the resurrection of the dead had not achieved universal acceptance. In fact, the Sadducees in today’s Gospel were staunch resurrection deniers and tried to trick Jesus. Turning the tables, Jesus states that Moses in the distant past believed that the God of our ancestors in faith is truly God of the living, and that all are alive to God, whether still living or dead. Death is just a phase, a doorway, maybe a tesseract. We really don’t know. Jesus reassures us that those are unnecessary concerns for the faithful, just as the specifics of worldly life will no longer be relevant. Not only will our earthly bodies be changed, but all that we knew from mortal existence--all marriage, all family, all relationships--will be transformed in ways we can’t possibly imagine. All that we have will be ours again. So we should stop worrying and live so as to be worthy of whatever comes next, for when we are embraced in the eternal love-feast of glorified existence with God, our joy will indeed be full.

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